Setting up Log Shipping for SQL Server 2016 Databases on Azure using Azure File Storage

Yesterday while working for a customer, I had to setup Log Shipping for SQL Server 2016 on Azure. Setting up Log Shipping is easy and well documented here at Below Link: Configure Log Shipping SQL Server But log shipping requires a File Share to be created so that both servers Primary and Secondary can access […]

Successfully access a dual-stacked Internet

  Internet will become fragmented in future. The moment IPv4 addresses run out—which is likely to occur in the first quarter of 2011—there will be Internet users who can only surf over IPv6, and there will eventually be websites that can only be reached over IPv6. Going forward, if you want to participate in the […]

Upgrading Existing TFS 2008 Project to support New features of TFS 2010

  Hi as a part of upgrading our Team Foundation server 2008 to 2010, I was upgrading our Team Project to support new Team Testing features available with Visual Studio Ultimate and Visual Studio Team Test Editions. The following blog link was helpful. but this provided info about Beta 2 of TFS 2010. Although […]