Channel 9 video series: UML with VS2010 Ultimate

Clint Edmonson, an Architect Evangelist at Microsoft, has posted a series of videos that show how to use the Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate visualization and modeling tools in your software development process: Part 1: Brainstorming a Project Part 2: Organizing Features Into Use Cases Part 3: Modeling the Business Domain Part 4: Capturing Business Workflows […]

Game Development for Nokia series 40

This article explains how to create a typical 2D adventure or quest game skeleton for Nokia Series 40 low-level and high-level devices: N1XX and N3XX Introduction 2D adventure games are different in game play, story and user interface but everyone presents to user a map of the game world where the game character can act. […]

Using Intellitrace – The Historical Debugger Part -1

  Overview of Intellitrace Intellitrace is a program executed by Visual Studio or Microsoft Test Manager (under the covers) for collecting information about execution of your program once it is enabled. The executable file of Intellitrace is intellitrace.exe located in following locations C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0Team ToolsTraceDebugger Tools C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual Studio 10.0Common7IDEPrivateAssembliesDataCollectors To […]

Work Item Tracking

  Workflows of MSF Agile and CMMI Process Templates for TFS When trying to decide which of the two MSF Process Templates – Agile vs. CMMI Process Improvement – for TFS is the right starting point for your company, it helps to compare the work item types and its workflows. You can download the full […]