In this year’s Build conference, Microsoft Announced preview availability of Power BI Embed. This is essentially going to make rich features of Power BI available for App Builders. Now you as an app developer can embed Power BI visual elements from your dashboards etc. into your apps.

I was really excited to hear about this. Partially because in one of my companies we have been working on something which requires embedded reporting and data visualization capabilities. So I decided to check it out and dig more information.

Here is a detailed article about getting started with Power BI Embed Preview.

Only unfortunate or rather disappointing thing about this is the pricing:

To summarize: You will be billed per render & the cost for 1000 Renders is 2.5 USD.

Now you might ask what does a render mean. A render means if you have 4 tiles in your view, and a user refreshes them leading to 4 data sources getting updated. You got yourself. 4 Renders. And if a user does hit refresh 20 times in a day. You will get 80 Renders.

This particular part has made us decide thought this is promising and really great stuff by Microsoft, but we wont be able to use it in our application.